Photo of the day: Cyberpunk Chongqing


This week’s photo theme is Reddish Heavens: a smear of red/orange/pink hue muddling the horizon, real or imagined…

Today’s image comes from netizen 手指断了 a (“Broken Finger a”), whose gritty cyberpunk re-imaginings of near-future Chinese megalopoli have become a running obsession of ours. While 手指断了’s oeuvre veers between various sci-fi and fantasy realms (he has an inspired series of Blade Runner 2049 fan art that’s well worth a look), this rendering of a hi-tech/lo-life Chongqing skyline from a dreary, not-too-distant tomorrow is one of the standout images.

We’ll select another cut from手指断了’s headspace later in the week, but in the mean time, peruse more of their work here.

Cover image:《重庆你好》 by 手指断了 a

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