Photo of the day: Chen Man Puts Chinese Glamour on the World Stage


We ran a photo series this week by Nicole Chan called “Beauty Talks” — a reflection on changing beauty standards for women in modern China. This weekend, Nicole is curating two more relevant photos by favorite photographers.

“It would be a sin to talk about Chinese beauty and the storytelling capacity of photography without recognizing Chen Man. Chen Man is the fashion photographer in China, and an incredible role model for women who are interested in fashion and/or photography. Her talent has brought the value of Chinese features, physically and symbolically, to the international stage.”

Nicole Chan
    Nicole is a Shanghai-based mixed medium artist. She draws inspiration from Japanese animation, fantasy novels, and pop surrealism, and often incorporates self-made costumes and props. Chan believes in the power of visual arts as a mechanism for storytelling and social change. Her work has been recognized by educational and non-governmental institutions, and she is currently working as Associate Creative Director at LearningLeaders. For more visit nicolechan.org