Photo of the Day: Cellar Window


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This is Part 6 of a  six-part photo essay by Beijing-based student and artist Liu Qilin, who recently finished his freshman year of undergraduate study at Beijing Normal University. Liu, who goes by the English name Jady, is founder of the Beijing Hutong Team, a loose collective of artists and creatives united in a desire to document Beijing’s inner-city alleys (胡同, hutong), which are currently undergoing a process of “renovation” that many feel is stripping them of their historical and cultural charm.

Liu Qilin says about this photo:

At the time I took this, I was helping a friend shoot a documentary about the hutong. The scene outside hutong bar Cellar Door looked like a jungle fire. They’d lost their door and converted it into a service window, and the addition of a smiling rabbit graffiti — a common tag in the area — was the crowning touch.

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Liu Qilin
    Jady Liu is a freelance writer in Beijing, and he’s involved with ARTEXB and The Shanghai Literary Review. He tends to artistically look at things at the intersection of media art, conceptual poetics and investigative journalism.

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