Photo of the Day: All the Fun of the Fair


Our Photo of the Day series this week shares photos from Inner Mongolia, taken during the Naadam period last year. 

Once they’d made their offerings at the hilltop site, the menfolk and their families headed out to the grasslands for the games to begin. On this occasion, the True Blue Banner authorities were keen not to classify this as a fully-fledged Naadam, due to the drought that had preceded the festival.

Nevertheless, there was a generally celebratory feel to the event with families setting up little stoves out the back of their cars, playing fairground games such as hoopla, and generally catching up with relatives and friends.


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Jake Newby
Jake Newby is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with more than a decade's experience living and working in China. Previously managing editor of RADII and Time Out Shanghai, he's also written for the Associated Press, The Wire, the Financial Times and more.
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