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People’s Daily Uses Rap to Explain the “Two Sessions”


The headlines surrounding China’s big meetings in Beijing this week may have been grabbed by a slight rewording of the constitution, but thankfully Party mouthpiece People’s Daily has taken it upon itself to explain to you “why the ‘two sessions’ matter”.

Naturally, at a time when hip-hop doesn’t exactly seem to be welcomed in the country, it’s chosen to do so via the medium of rap.

It’s been a minute since we brought you a “red rap” but if you’re aching for more, you’ll be pleased to know that the publication took a break from striving to get the #BrilliantTwoSessions hashtag trending on Twitter to deliver a #TwoSessionsRap:

Looking for something with a different kind of flow? Maybe check out this guy instead:

GAI Returns with “Endless Flow” After Being Banned from Chinese TV

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