Singles’ Day Special: Relationship Advice Sourced From Taobao, Courtesy of Open Sesame


Editor’s note: Taobao is China’s preeminent e-commerce platform, where one is able to buy everyday necessities alongside such niche goods and services as giant crab blankets, giant playing cards, surveillance-themed headwear, and social media trolls for hire. The weirder depths of Taobao provide inspiration and endless source material for Open Sesame, a Beijing-based print magazine that’s launched its second issue just in time for Taobao’s big holiday, Singles’ Day.

To commemorate the launch, RADII is pleased to publish an excerpt from the new issue: a dating column full of advice sourced from, you guessed it…

Open Sesame Issue 2 advice column excerpt P1

Open Sesame Issue 2 advice column excerpt P6

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