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This Online Art Exhibition is Exploring the Emotional Impact of Covid-19


Seeking medical and life advice from an artificially intelligent doctor? Interested in finding alternative ways of offering well wishes to folks affected by Covid-19? You’re in luck, friends.

As galleries, museums and organizations in China moved online through January and February, new media art organization Chronus Art Center in Shanghai began putting together an online exhibition exploring the emotional impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“Get Well Soon!” by Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne

The exhibition was brought together in collaboration with Art Center Nabi in Seoul, South Korea and New York-based Rhizome of the New Museum, as well as 12 other institutions around the world comprising a co-hosting network. 

Entitled We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces, the exhibition features 10 interactive, internet-oriented works from a far-flung international group. 


evasive.tech by Raphaël Bastide

Among those involved are Chinese contributors like internet artist Aaajiao, whose “WELT,” is a highly pixelated online painting tool (pictured up top).

Conceptual artist Li Weiyi‘s “The Ongoing Moment” creates specialized filters for users. Concept art collective Slime Engine critique traditional media, reconstructing newspaper headlines and layouts. Kunming-born artist and publisher Ye Funa‘s “Dr.Corona Online” is an AI doctor that answers any question you might have about the coronavirus or anything else. 

“Dr.Corona Online” by YE Funa

If you’re keen to dive into the exhibition, you can find it online here.

Bryan Grogan
Bryan is RADII's former culture editor. He is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with an interest in culture stories with a social bent. He once correctly guessed all 151 original Pokemon in seven minutes for an online quiz. He also correctly guessed all 100 second generation Pokemon in eight minutes for an online quiz.

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