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Notorious Chengdu Rapper Fat Shady has Unleashed a Collaboration with Snoop Dogg


Fat Shady aka 谢帝 Xie Di aka BO$$ X, who you might remember from his song “Stupid Foreigners” (a polite translation), is back with a new track featuring a surprise guest spot from Snoop Dogg.

Chengdu-based trap lord Xie made headlines worldwide last year after he released a track bashing foreigners living in his city and in China in general. Some decried the song as xenophobic and racist; Shady pushed back and then seemed to tire of the controversy (perhaps understandably).

More on all that here:

Is This Chengdu Rapper’s Diss Track on “Stupid Foreigners” Racist?

Anyway, yesterday he threw out a new track that swapped lyrics bashing foreigners for some blistering bars about his own greatness. And what’s more it came with a guest verse from Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. — or as he’s usually referred to, Snoop Dogg.

It’s called “All or Nothing” and it goes a little something like this:

Lest we forget, it is of course the Year of the Dog right now:

Xie had seemingly teased an upcoming collaboration with Snoop back in January when he wrote on his Weibo that people should keep an ear out for some verses in the Chengdu vernacular on the Californian rapper’s new music. In posting the resulting track to his Weibo account yesterday, Xie framed it as a prelude to his new album, which is expected to drop next week. No word just yet on whether his new record will feature a guest spot from the mayor of Taipei though.

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Jake Newby
Jake Newby is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with more than a decade's experience living and working in China. Previously managing editor of RADII and Time Out Shanghai, he's also written for the Associated Press, The Wire, the Financial Times and more.

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