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New Edition: Wide World of Noodles


How do you like your noodles? Numbing hot? Hand-pulled? Chilled and refreshing? We’re examining the many faces of noodles in China, where the food originated 4,000 years ago.

Join us on a journey that will take you from the mountains of Yangshuo to the brightly-lit floors of KFC; from legendary classics to lesser-known dishes you’ve never heard of.

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Header Image: Myles Yu, Unsplash

Adan Kohnhorst
Adan Kohnhorst is a US-based writer, producer, multimedia artist, and former associate editor at RADII. His work has been featured in publications such as Maxim and the Chinese-language StreetVoice, and he’s an active member of the hip hop and DIY music scenes in Shanghai, NYC, and Dallas. He learned Mandarin in high school to train at the Shaolin Temple but now uses it to interview rappers. He blogs about China and Asia on Instagram: @this.is.adan

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