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Meet the Co-Founder of the “Pixar of China” with RADII at 2050


RADII and Brandnographer, in partnership with AGLA and Shanghai Creative collective, present the inaugural FUTURE OF X forum at Hangzhou’s 2050 Conference for youth in science, technology, art, and design, taking place May 25-27th, 2018 in Cloud Town.

Alongside China’s continued rise on the world’s economic stage, homegrown brands, cultural output and consumer goods are looked upon more favorably than ever.

Yu Zhou, co-founder of Beijing’s Light Chaser Animation Studios, speaks to this phenomenon through the lens of China’s fast-growing animation sector, where a newfound sense of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are revealing how the “Made in China” tag has become cool.

Founded less than five years ago, and often referred to as the “Pixar of China,” Light Chaser’s output is on a par with its 40-year-old predecessor, but with a distinctively Chinese flair.

Date May 26th, 2018

Time 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Register now to join this exciting event via the link below:

RADII Presents: FUTURE OF “MADE IN CHINA” with Yu Zhou at 2050

For more on RADII’s FUTURE OF X series at 2050, see here:

RADII Presents: FUTURE OF X at 2050, May 25th-27th

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