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Meanwhile, a Tibetan Artist Just Won the Show Formerly Known as “The Voice of China”


It’s been a busy weekend for China-watching pop conspiracy theorists. Around 24 hours after a Uyghur rapper from one of the most restive parts of Xinjiang won iQIYI’s showpiece reality extravaganza The Rap of China, Tibetan performer Tenzin Nyima was crowned the winner in season three of Zhejiang TV’s Sing! China, the show formerly known as The Voice of China.

Making for a big couple of days for ethnic minority performers on mainstream talent shows, the Qinghai-born singer delivered a victory for singer-songwriter Li Jian’s team at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium (the one built for the Olympics) courtesy of some mountain-inspired balladry.

Tenzin Nyima defeated singers from teams mentored by Jay Chou and Harlem Yu in the final, with his performance including a cover of a song by Inner Mongolian folk act Erguna Band.

Perhaps a Uyghur, Tibetan, Mongolian mash-up featuring Aire, Tenzin Nyima, and the Erguna Band now beckons?


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