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Jolin, Jay, Faye… Listen to Our Playlist of Mandopop Legends


Mandopop music has changed drastically since the days when formative Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng was at the height of her powers in the 1970s and 1980s.

We’ve seen TV talent shows take over the popular music scene and we’ve seen “little fresh meat” (小鲜肉) like Kris Wu and Lay Zhang dominate charts throughout the Sinophone world.


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To celebrate all the epic tracks that Mandopop artists have bestowed upon our grateful ears over the past few decades, we’ve compiled this humble playlist of some of our favorite Mandopop tracks for you to listen to.

Among the many high points here is Mayday’s epic pop rock anthem “洋葱” (“Onion”) and girl group S.H.E.’s energetic “Super Star,” alongside fresh hits such as GOT7 member Jackson Wang‘s “Papillon,” which has more recently been covered by rock bands on iQIYI’s rock music variety show, The Big Band.

Think we’ve missed anything in our hunt for the best Mandopop songs ever? Let us know in the comments below.

Bryan Grogan
Bryan is RADII's former culture editor. He is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with an interest in culture stories with a social bent. He once correctly guessed all 151 original Pokemon in seven minutes for an online quiz. He also correctly guessed all 100 second generation Pokemon in eight minutes for an online quiz.

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