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Major TV and Movie Outlets Join Forces to “Reject Unhealthy Trends” and Set Pay Cap


Three major online media platforms and six production houses in China issues a joint statement on Saturday, announcing that they would be “resisting unreasonable pay and rejecting unhealthy industry trends” in the wake of the “Yin-Yang contracts” scandal which engulfed Fan Bingbing back in June.

Here’s the background on that:

Fan Bingbing, “Yin-Yang Contracts”, and Alleged Tax Evasion: Will the Scandal Change China’s Film Industry?

Streaming giants iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent were joined in signing the statement by TV and film production companies Ciwen Media, Daylight Entertainment, Huace Film & TV, Linmon Pictures, NCM, and Youhug Media.

The statement commits the companies to paying actors no more than 1 million RMB (around 145,000USD) per episode and no more than 50 million RMB per series — including tax.

In late June, government authorities announced that they would be taking action against “unreasonable” pay packets, “money worship”, and the “distortion of social values”, with likely measures including a pay cap. The statement from the companies issued at the weekend looks like an attempt to head that off via self-regulation.

The full statement, posted by Sina Entertainment’s Weibo account

The statement has led to some sarcastic comments about the likelihood of a surge of regular mini-series and expressions of disbelief that actors can still command such huge sums compared to other professions such as those working in healthcare. Nevertheless, a post featuring the statement by Sina Entertainment’s Weibo on Saturday also sparked plenty of supportive comments.

Cui Yongyuan, the TV personality who kicked off the “yin-yang contracts” scandal by publishing two separate contracts allegedly showing tax evasion by and exorbitant fees for Fan Bingbing, has yet to comment on his Weibo account.

Cover photo: A promotional image for the film Hello Mr Billionaire

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