We’re taking advantage of the holidays to catch up on all those open tabs that have been evading us for the last month, and oh look, Lupe Fiasco is working on a martial arts and hip-hop-themed TV series. According to Variety:

“Beat n Path” follows hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco as he embarks on a cross-cultural journey across China. In the pilot series, he lives out his other passion — martial arts — practicing with Kung Fu Masters throughout China, while also taking the opportunity to explore China’s burgeoning hip hop scene.

A production outfit founded earlier this year by Grammy Award-winning rapper and entrepreneur Fiasco and Hong Kong-based marketing & media executive Bonnie Chan Woo, SV operates from bases in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It aims to produce high-end, mainstream TV programs, digital content and films with cross-cultural themes for global audiences. The company will produce a slate of at least 10 original titles over the next three to five years, with three titles planned for completion in 2018.

Lupe’s long been on the record as a martial arts practitioner/enthusiast, earlier this year wowing (and presumably confusing) his Instagram following with short videos showcasing his katana skills:

We hope this new series not only allows Lupe a satisfying personal journey of inner mastery or whatever, but also shines some of his light on China’s own hip-hop hopefuls looking to break out onto the international scene. We’ll find out soon enough — Beat n Path, which will be distributed in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong by Celestial Tiger Entertainment, airs in March 2018.