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LEGO Just Unveiled Avengers Peking Opera Masks in Shanghai and They’re Awesome


Whew, this one ticks a lot of boxes for us. Avengers. Peking opera masks. Made from LEGO?! Oh yes.

As Marvel and Disney crank up the hype machine ahead of Avengers: Endgame‘s release (with the movie coming out in China a full two days earlier than in the US), a set of Peking opera masks made from tens of thousands of LEGO bricks and portraying various Avengers has landed in downtown Shanghai.

peking opera hulk shanghai avengers lego

The display on one of the city’s biggest shopping streets, Nanjing East Road, is being touted as “the world’s first Chinese-style Marvel heroes opera makeup exhibition” Not sure how much competition there was in that category, but still, a world’s first is a world’s first, we suppose.

Whatever, they look awesome:

thor opera maskhulk opera maskiron man opera maskhawkeye opera maskblack widow opera maskcaptain america opera mask

Each of the six masks is about 1.3 meters high and 1.1 meters wide, with 600,000 bricks used for the whole collection. It took master builder Prince Jiang around 180 hours to complete them all.

avengers endgame peking opera masks shanghai china lego


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