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KnowKnow From Higher Brothers Performs Live in the Metaverse


Forget prestigious concert venues: The metaverse is where every artist worth their salt should be performing these days. KnowKnow, a member of the celebrated hip hop group Higher Brothers, held his debut metaverse performance on April 23, much to the wonderment of fans.

The event was livestreamed on the Chinese video streaming platform Douyin and could not have come at a better time; given citywide lockdowns in China, most music lovers cannot attend live concerts.

Powered by Kooola Virtual City, a metaverse platform, the event was announced by KnowKnow on Weibo on April 20. Those who missed the live performance can still watch a recording of the concert through May 23.

“This is going to be an unprecedented virtual reality experience,” gushed the Chinese rap artist on social media before the metaverse event.

From ‘R&B All Night to ‘Mr. Bentley,’ KnowKnow belted out some of his top tracks while audience members’ avatars ‘mingled’ in Kooola Virtual City. Screenshots and impressions of the virtual concert flooded Weibo during and after the show.

knowknow metaverse

A viewer’s avatar dances during the concert

knowknow metaverse

KnowKnow’s virtual character ‘performs’ in Kooola Virtual City

As expected, reactions to the concert have run from hot to cold.

“It is so cool to see KnowKnow’s virtual performance live on Douyin,” raved one fan.

Meanwhile, another complained, “I was looking forward to [KnowKnow’s virtual concert] for days. But it wasn’t entertaining. After Covid, I want to go watch live performances.”

KnowKnow’s metaverse-based concert had been a long time coming. In September 2021, the hip-hop star posted photos of himself in a motion capture suit, hinting at the exciting virtual project.

knowknow metaverse

KnowKnow in a motion capture suit

As the metaverse gathers more speed — and investments — in China, the music industry is paying closer attention to the technology and exploring its possibilities. In January of this year, leading Chinese record label Modern Sky announced its plans to accelerate its virtual businesses.

In a similar vein, Chinese creators have begun to offer cloud clubbing experiences in the metaverse as more audiences crave accessibility and novelty.

All images via Weibo

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