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Kickstart This: The “World’s Most Comfortable, Versatile” Kicks


If you’ve wanted to walk, run, and/or execute high-flying kicks, all while feeling like you’re floating on air, this could be something to throw your money at.

For over 30 years, China-based company Peak Sports — based out of Dalian and Shanghai — has outfitted NBA basketball players and other members of the sports elite. But they’ve since turned to Kickstarter to help bring their shoe technology — which they’re cleverly calling “Peak King” — to a wider audience.

Kickstart This Peak Sports sneaker GIF

The company writes:

“It begins with our obsession with building the best basketball kicks. For the past 30-odd years, we have worked tirelessly to deliver only the best for everyone — that includes NBA stars [from] Lou Williams to Tony Parker.

“In this pursuit, we discovered something game-changing — why limit it to only basketball players? We want to share it with the world, so we are here on Kickstarter to make it a reality.”

Peak King black white colorways

The secret to their success, according to the campaign’s website, is P4U — a compound foaming technology that makes midsoles “self-adaptive” depending on the wearer’s activity.

On a molecular level, the foam will separate and cushion your steps when walking, for instance, and bond resistance when running (or dunking on your friends). Interestingly, they’re sending a free sample of P4U — which looks a bit like goopy Silly Putty — to anyone that donates, to see what else future customers would want made with this material.

P4U molecules Peak King Kickstarter

Peak Sports are sending contributors a sample of P4U to play with

The company also tackles their Chinese origins head-on in writing: “While the phrase ‘Made in China’ may evoke certain thoughts in your mind, we’re here to take that phrase back. To us, ‘Made in China’ is a point of pride.” The sentiment is not uncommon; in recent years, many Chinese brands have been repositioning themselves as innovators and trendsetters, and reclaiming the label with pride.


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It’s worth noting that the campaign is officially “fully funded” — more precisely, it’s more than tripled its goal to date. But they also gift a pair of Peak King shoes to those that pledge over $850 HKD (equivalent to $109 USD).

So if it means taking the “world’s most comfortable sneakers” out for a spin — sometime after Tony Parker, and before the rest of the world — we don’t mind if we do.

Click here to support the campaign on Kickstarter.


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All images courtesy Peak Sports.

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