Join Our Team: Marketing/Partnerships Manager

About Us
RADII (rā’dē-ī’) is an independent platform of artists, writers and creators dedicated to providing a window into the rarely explored sides of Chinese youth culture. Founded in 2017, RADII’s mission is to captivate the world through stories that transcend boundaries.

Marketing/Partnerships Manager

We are looking for a passionate marketer to join RADII’s Team as a Marketing/Partnerships Manager. This person will be the driving force behind RADII’s marketing/branding efforts, with a strong focus on developing/implementing long-term audience and community growth strategies. The Marketing/Partnerships Manager, alongside the Executive Team, will also play a key role in Business Development and Collaborations.

An ideal candidate is a multi-hyphenate cultural explorer with work experience and an acute cultural understanding of both East and West. You possess a firm understanding of the US-China media space and are passionate about staying up-to-date on relevant news and happenings between the two.

Most importantly, you should have a strong desire to carry out RADII’s mission of creating new bridges of cultural understanding via original, incisive, and youthful reporting on today’s China.


  • Oversee and ensure consistent outward-facing RADII brand messaging across owned channels, events, editorial partnerships, etc.
  • Work with Exec Team and Social Media Manager to develop big-picture brand engagement strategies and marketing
  • Lead RADII contributor and partner community management.
  • Provide research and data insights on audience demographic and psychographic profiles.
  • Design roadmap for all US and China-based events and event partnerships.
  • Spearhead third-party event collaborations, media partnership opportunities, etc. to grow RADII audience base.
  • Generate ideas for US-facing events (e.g., symposiums in partnership with universities, etc.)
  • Manage PR engagements and initiatives to promote RADII’s work and the team.
  • Lead strategy and execution of future branded or sponsored content opportunities, managing potential and existing client relationships.
  • Work with design team to manage style-guides for brand identity and external positioning.



  • At least 3+ years experience in a marketing or advertising agency, communications, media or editorial role
  • Mandarin and English language fluency preferred
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, well-organized and able to work in a fast-paced, fluid environment with tight deadlines
  • Self-starter that takes initiative and comes up with creative solutions to challenging problems.

If you’re interested, please email your CV, a few relevant examples of your writing or editing, and a brief cover letter to [email protected]