Join Our Team: Video Editor Intern

We are looking for a creative and innovative intern for a placement working with our visual team.

Duties will include editing videos, organizing footage, working on set, and may also include creating illustrations/animations for articles and preparing eye-catching social media materials.

Importantly, the candidate should have a strong desire to carry out RADII’s mission of creating new bridges of cultural understanding via original, incisive, and youthful reporting on today’s China.


  • Digital art/Filmmaking major or related background
  • Video/Film production experience preferred
  • Proficient with Adobe premiere pro
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • YouTube/Instagram addict
  • Understand the basics of filmmaking
  • Illustrator or graphic design skills will be a big plus
  • Passionate making cool video content about China
  • Based in Shanghai and can come to the office 3 times per week
  • Mandarin and English language fluency preferred

Particularly impressive candidates will be offered the opportunity to discuss a transition to full-time work based on their performance during the internship.

Interested? Send us your resume, portfolio and a short email explaining why you’d like to get involved with RADII to [email protected]


RADII is an independent media platform dedicated to understanding and sharing vibrant stories at the core of the world’s most populous nation.

The China of copycats, corruption, and smog still exists, but it’s changing – fast. A new generation is ready to transform the country. From unwavering environmentalists and ethnic dialect rappers, to visionary entrepreneurs and sage healers, there are people across the country from all walks of life, all poised to make waves. RADII aims to share their stories.

In changing, challenging times, we need mutual understanding between China and the outside world now more than ever. RADII views China honestly, critically, and humanely, from the inside out. Our hope is that the truth becomes obvious: our commonalities are greater than our differences.