Join Our Team: Social Media Strategist

We’re looking for a savvy Social Media Strategist to join our team. This person will primarily oversee our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to help promote RADII’s content to the most relevant audiences, and to help drive audience and subscriber growth. This position will use data to inform decisions, and requires close collaboration with video producers and RADII’s editorial team to ensure that our content is being released in the most optimal way.

The ideal candidate is organized and detail-oriented, enthusiastic about social media and all things China. We’re looking for a data-obsessed self-starter with excellent judgement and communication skills — and someone who keeps a watchful eye on the ever-changing Facebook algorithms and other social media platforms’ best practices.

Most importantly, the candidate should have a strong desire to carry out RADII’s mission of creating new bridges of cultural understanding via original, incisive, and youthful reporting on today’s China.

Social Media Strategist duties include

  • Manage/assist with day-to-day posting, editing and optimization of content on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Master RADII’s editorial voice
  • Report on content performance, audience segmentation analytics, social media trends, best practices
  • Work closely with RADII Editors, making daily recommendations in how to optimize their content for Facebook and other platforms
  • Generate new ideas for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter — and to other channels we may become active in later on
  • Assist with management of Facebook Live and video pitches, video creation, and postings
  • Contribute and write trending stories with a keen eye on the evolving social media landscape


  • A minimum requirement of 2-3 years of social media at an agency or in-house digital media company, or fast-paced editorial background
  • Basic understanding of analytics and experience optimizing content
  • Strong writing and communication skills, including a snappy copywriting style and strong editorial judgement
  • Knowledge of Weibo, WeChat, Youku and other China social media platforms a plus
  • Excellent organizational skills, focus, and attention to detail
  • Knowledge of and interest in modern China and the areas that RADII covers

If you’re interested, email your CV and links to your social media accounts and/or personal blog with a few short paragraphs explaining why you’d be a good fit for this particular position to [email protected].


RADII (rā’dē-ī’) is an independent media platform dedicated to understanding and sharing vibrant stories at the core of the world’s most populous nation.

The China of copycats, corruption, and smog still exists, but it’s changing – fast. A new generation is ready to transform the country. From unwavering environmentalists and ethnic dialect rappers, to visionary entrepreneurs and sage healers, there are people across the country from all walks of life, all poised to make waves. RADII aims to share their stories.

In changing, challenging times, we need mutual understanding between China and the outside world now more than ever. RADII views China honestly, critically, and humanely, from the inside out. Our hope is that the truth becomes obvious: our commonalities are greater than our differences.