Join Our Team: Innovation Editor

We are looking for a talented and passionate individual to lead RADII’s Innovation section. This is an exciting role with the opportunity to really shape one of RADII’s key content verticals and make an immediate impact. The Innovation Editor will write or edit all of the content that is published in this section, shaping its long-term editorial strategy and maintaining its day-to-day publication schedule.

This is a full-time position with commensurate pay, based in our office in Shanghai.

About the section 

Innovation is one of RADII’s three core verticals, along with Culture and Life. The purpose of the section is to show the original and unique innovation taking place in China today, upending the cliche that Chinese tech companies imitate rather than innovate. Tech hubs like Beijing (a hotbed for search, AI, and media companies), Hangzhou (China’s e-commerce mothership), and Shenzhen (a global manufacturing powerhouse, and home to China’s major gaming companies) are changing the country’s reputation for originality, and regularly produce bleeding-edge cultural and technological breakthroughs.

How are Chinese tech companies forging their own paths, identifying problems and creating unique solutions to the issues the world faces today? How are Chinese startups and entrepreneurs creating value within the strictures of China’s political system? What is the next technological breakthrough that China will export to the world? How does China’s shifting tech landscape translate to the level of everyday life? These are the stories we want you to tell.

Innovation Editor duties include

  • Plan Innovation content (including articles and video) on a weekly and monthly basis, coordinating with the Managing Editor to fit this plan into RADII’s overall publication schedule
  • Write or edit 3-5 Innovation-related articles per week of varying length and scope (from Daily Drips to full-length features)
  • Recruit contributors for Innovation section + edit and publish their contributions
  • Participate in regular editorial meetings where appropriate and supporting the overall team in other activities
  • Represent RADII within China’s tech community and beyond, including through events and networking

Candidate should have editorial experience at a comparable publication or in a relevant area and should be intimately familiar with at least one of the following fields (the more the better): AI, VR/AR, e-commerce, robotics/drones, Internet of Things, sharing economy, maker movement, blockchain/cryptocurrencies. Chinese language skills and industry contacts are a huge plus.

Most importantly, the candidate should have a strong desire to carry out RADII’s mission of creating new bridges of cultural understanding via original, incisive, and youthful reporting on today’s China.

Salary for the Innovation Editor position is commensurate with experience. If you’re interested, email your CV, a few relevant writing clips (or examples of pieces you’ve edited), and a short cover letter to [email protected].


RADII (rā’dē-ī’) is an independent media platform dedicated to understanding and sharing vibrant stories at the core of the world’s most populous nation.

The China of copycats, corruption, and smog still exists, but it’s changing – fast. A new generation is ready to transform the country. From unwavering environmentalists and ethnic dialect rappers, to visionary entrepreneurs and sage healers, there are people across the country from all walks of life, all poised to make waves. RADII aims to share their stories.

In changing, challenging times, we need mutual understanding between China and the outside world now more than ever. RADII views China honestly, critically, and humanely, from the inside out. Our hope is that the truth becomes obvious: our commonalities are greater than our differences.