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Illustrated Journaling is Coping Mechanism During Shanghai Lockdown


Will the wonders of lockdown art never cease? So far, RADII has covered a spring onion exhibition, an NFT art series, propaganda-style posters and various other music and audiovisual projects. Even so, fresh content, such as the following illustrated journal, continues to pour in.

Fernanda Sung Art

Fernanda Sung, a jewelry designer with Brazilian and Taiwanese roots, first moved to China in 2012 to master Mandarin.

After falling in love with Shanghai, she decided to make the city her permanent home while starting a jewelry brand. Fernanda Sung Jewelry is inspired by the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and Sung’s colorful experiences in China.

While cooped up during Shanghai’s lockdown, Sung started an illustrated journal as an artistic outlet. Documenting the small joys in her life brought a bit of light into Sung’s lockdown life.

Fernanda Sung Art

Rather than lamenting the chaos of lockdown or regurgitating her anxieties, Sung focused on positive and joyful things that made her smile, such as celebrating a birthday, making eggy French toast, cooking Cantonese-style scrambled eggs with shrimp, and discovering the countless ways to serve cucumbers.

Fernanda Sung Art

Fernanda Sung Art

Inspired by journaling’s efficacy, Sung decided to share the joys of her newfound hobby with others via group chats and virtual workshops.

In the former, Sung posts daily drawing challenges and encourages others to share snapshots of their work.

As for workshops, she has hosted two so far, both with successful outcomes. She also plans on conducting private workshops so participants can receive specialized attention and draw along with her.

Fernanda Sung lockdown Art journal

A screenshot of one of Fernanda Sung’s journaling workshops

The solidarity Sung has created with her community of illustrators has helped them appreciate the power of perception. By romanticizing everyday activities, events outside of one’s control start to fade into the background.

Sung hopes to continue expanding her workshops and to keep them going after the lockdown is lifted, so look her up for some journaling therapy!

Contact Fernanda Sung via Instagram or WeChat for more information.

All images courtesy of Fernanda Sung 

Hanna Ramirez
    Hanna is currently a grad student at the University of Southern California in their East Asian Area studied department. She is currently an editorial intern at RADII based in Los Angeles, California. She is passionate about Chinese culture and language, especially Chinese film and contemporary art. In her free time, you can find her exploring new restaurants in Los Angeles, shopping for makeup with her friends, or painting.

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