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Here’s the “Yanxi Palace” x “Rap of China” Mash-up Nobody Asked For


Baidu-backed streaming platform iQIYI is pretty clever with its cross-pollinating advertisements. Watch an episode of The Story of Yanxi Palace for example, and you’ll likely see the characters getting excited over watching The Rap of China during one of its commercial breaks.

iQIYI is a streaming site that is regularly pushing its VIP subscription services and these two shows are among its biggest productions, so on some level linking them together makes sense. It’s certainly no surprise for the platform to be advertising its other hit shows on one that has racked up 10 billion views over the course of the summer.

But what we weren’t prepared for was their sharing of this “rap battle” between Yanxi Palace characters. It’s… well, maybe just watch it:

Kinda wish iQIYI would just get on with releasing an English subtitle version of Yanxi Palace instead of this though. If you can make it more than a few seconds beyond Kris Wu dropping his “你有freestyle吗?” catchphrase, then you’ve already made it further than we could on the first watch.


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