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Food Blogger Details Life in Makeshift Covid Hospital in Shanghai


One week into his stay at the hospital, the 24/7 lighting started to have an adverse effect on Zhuyi. Finding it hard to fall asleep, he used blankets to build a tent-like fort that shrouded his bed in darkness. “It looks like a refugee tent from afar, but it works,” he joked online.

Shanghai Covid Hospital 2022

Bed sheets are used to block 24-hour lighting in one of Shanghai’s makeshift hospitals

Another issue Zhuyi encountered was a shortage of washing facilities, which were unable to meet the demands of the patients on-site. As a result, the blogger only washed his hair every five days.

“There is a 30-meter-long queue in front of a few taps of icy cold water,” he wrote, before humorously adding, “Luckily, I have short hair now, because the water flow is slimmer than a chopstick.”

Weiyu Qian
    Weiyu is a writer and video creative for RADII. She is interested in gender issues, wellness issues and human psychology. She has been a correspondent in France for a major Chinese news outlet and launched Brut. 原色视频 videos in China. Weiyu has traveled extensively across Europe and enjoys skydiving and exploring the underwater world. You might find her checking out a new jazz club or swing dancing on the weekend.
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