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Ele.me’s Food Delivery Couriers are Getting a Sexy, Environmentally-Friendly New Look


Perhaps a little worried about how all the talk of delivery drones might impact on their couriers’ morale, Ele.me have unveiled some slick new uniforms for their band of drivers.

Getting the scoop on take out delivery dude (yes, they nearly are all dudes) fashion isn’t usually something we prioritize at RADII, but in this case it’s worth a mention because their new look has been masterminded Reclothing Bank, the sustainability-focused label from Shanghai-based designer Zhang Na.

To this end, “the whole set of garments adopts self-developed, environmentally-friendly degradable materials and fabrics” according to an official description by Reclothing Bank and sister label Fake Natoo. The outfits are also highly adjustable, hopefully enabling them to cope with the range of different weather conditions that the couriers have to endure.

This GIF shows that the water-proofing claim checks out we guess

Two positive, ahem, take aways here: it’s great to see Reclothing Bank securing a deal to outfit a major Chinese company in this way; hopefully this is a sign that Ele.me — which along with China’s other delivery services can be said to have a patchy-at-best record when it comes to sustainability — might be about to take its environmental impact a bit more seriously. Sorting out the over-packaging, single-use plastics, and disposable chopsticks situation would be a big help of course, but some eco-conscious threads on their drivers is at least a start.

Here are a few shots of the new uniforms for the “blue knights” as they’re officially referred to by their employer, being modelled by some of their more handsome staff members (click on the thumbnails below for bigger images):

And here’s some background on designer Zhang Na and her sustainable approach to fashion:

Beijing-born Designer Zhang Na Tackles Fashion Waste with Style

Oh, and that photo up top? That’s courtesy of Ele.me sponsoring The Dunk of China, Youku’s new basketball reality show, which you can read all about here:

Underdogs, Upsets, and Jeremy Lin: Youku’s Basketball Reality Show “Dunk of China” Looks Set to be a Hit

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