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Drone Company DJI Releases Bonkers Kung Fu Film


We don’t usually rely on Promoted Tweets to quench our thirst for fresh kung fu, but we were pleasantly surprised when a post by Chinese drone manufacturer DJI did just that yesterday. Behold, The Teacher:

DJI is the world’s largest purveyor of civilian drones, by a pretty wide margin. As we’ve reported before:

According to some counts, DJI dominates 85% of the world’s civilian drone market. Their consumer products range from the user-friendly Mavic and Spark series to the more advanced Phantom series. While their main value for most consumers is for their applications in aerial image-capture (they also make a handheld product series called Osmo for smartphone auteurs), their expansion in the US was briefly slowed by security concerns.

The Teacher puts two of DJI’s newer models — the Ronin 2 and Inspire 2 — through their paces, delivering some truly jaw-dropping visuals to complement a story that, uh, doesn’t really bother to make any sense. It’s only 14 minutes long so we’ll let you enjoy it for yourself, but mild spoiler alert (and graphic content warning): there is kebab-related violence.

If you fancy yourself a drone auteur, consider entering the New York State Fair Drone Film Festival, of which DJI is a sponsor, and to which they’re donating their high-end Phantom 4 Pro as top prize. Deadline is June 30.

Cover image: The Teacher

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