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Crowd Cheers as Spanish Man Has Public Sex with Chinese Girl in Chengdu


Unfortunately, he will be deported.

From Manya Koetse of What’s on Weibo:

A Spanish national will be deported from China after having sex with a woman on a Chengdu street in the city’s business district. The incident occurred on the night of July 6th.

The young man is apparently a 25-year-old named David. In the video — here’s an uncensored one (NSFW, obviously) — the almost-certainly-drunk couple engages in adult activities beneath the very poor and inadequate cover of some foliage while enthusiastic and vocal onlookers chant “pa-pa-pa” (you know, the sound of sex) and offer raucous encouragement. One man can be heard off-camera saying “jiayou” — a ubiquitous Chinese cheer, i.e. “Go!” — while the couple are in the act.

What’s on Weibo again:

Police later arrive at the scene and arrest the Spaniard for ‘violating public security.’ In the video, the young man is heard responding to the police in broken English, just saying: “I don’t know.”

The woman is heard speaking in Mandarin, saying: “I am together with him.”

Global Times later reported the suspect “will be detained for 10 days and then deported according to Chinese law, local police in Chengdu said on their official Weibo account Saturday.”

Fun: have it while it lasts.

Safe-for-work version of the video here:

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