Tell Us a Story…


Thank you for your interest in contributing to RADII.

If you haven’t already, please visit radiichina.com and familiarize yourself with our tone and content. RADII aims to build bridges of cultural understanding between China and the West and reshape the narrative by telling engaging stories about contemporary Chinese society to a young (late teens-early 30s) North American audience — people who may know little about China outside of mainstream media headlines.

Our stories generally fall into one of five categories: MUSIC (hip hop, rock, club culture, and mixes/playlists), ENTERTAINMENT (film, TV, celebrities, gaming), LIFESTYLE (fashion, food and drink, wellness, and travel), ART & DESIGN (art, photography, architecture, and comics), and SOCIETY (digital life, LGBTQ+, environment, and history). Our style has substance for even a seasoned “China hand,” but is at the same time light and humorous, sometimes irreverent, but always engaging and memorable in tone.

WE DO: aim to create a diverse mosaic of today’s China with an accessible, young and stylish aesthetic

WE DON’T: publish old, tired stereotypes that reinforce outdated notions of China

If you think you have a story to tell that will fit with RADII, please download our pitch form here and email a completed version to editor(at)radiichina.com.