Interested in the history of Chinese rock’n’roll and have a couple of days to kill? Then I highly recommend you check out this extensive archive of documentaries on underground Chinese music, recently posted online by Hong Kong-based postdoc Nathanel Amar, who writes:

A lot of these documentaries can be found online, but there is no systematic listing, and some are unknown to the general public. So here is a list (provisional and that will be updated regularly) of videos that you should watch. Some are free to watch, for other the copyright is… complicated. As a lot of these documentaries are independently produced, thus for those which can be bought online I will include a link to its digital version, which will help independent artistic creation.

The list includes classics with which amateur dabblers in the genre might already be familiar — Beijing Bubbles, Wasted Orient — along with the dakou doco we’ve featured here before, plus some more obscure cuts, like this half-hour slice of life showing Beijing punk bands The Diders and Shochu Legion touring through the inland city of Xinxiang.

Find Nathanel’s post here.


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