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Watch: WTF Is a Well-Put-Together Slob?


Slang Dynasty is a series that unpacks the wide world of Chinese regional slang, internet colloquialisms, and assorted street-level jargon.

If you’ve ever gone multiple days without showering or putting on real clothes, only to re-emerge at the club in your best dress with a face beat to the gods, you can probably relate to this Chinese slang term.

“精猪男” (jīng zhū nán), loosely translated to “well-put-together slob”, refers to a person who is pig-like and slovenly at home, but will out-dress and impress everyone when the occasion calls for it.

Check out this week’s Slang Dynasty above to hear Shanghai-based writer and illustrator Frankie Huang explain the term 精猪男 in her own words.

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