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Chinese Rappers Beef with Lil Pump After Racism Storm: Here are 6 Fierce Diss Tracks


Right on the heels of the Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign that sparked cries of racism and provoked diss tracks from PG One, CD Rev and others, yet another racism controversy has emerged to fire up China’s internet — this one centered around Columbian-American rapper, Lil Pump.

Lil Pump released a preview of his new song “Butterfly Doors” on Instagram last Sunday accompanied with a view of him mouthing the lyrics and dancing (dancing?). Both the lyrics and his gestures featured some not-so-subtle racial epithets offensive to Asians.

In one line Lil Pump — who has the characters 援助 yuán zhù (assistance/support) tattooed across his throat — raps, “Smokin on dope, they call me Yao Ming ‘cause eyes real low”, while stretching his eyes in the video, a well-known way of mocking Asians. The line is then repeated and followed by an echoed “ching chong”.

In response some of China’s most well known rappers have released diss tracks putting the American rapper in their crosshairs — here are six that have been getting a lot of traffic:

PG One – “Repeater”

PG One, who we last reported reemerged on WeChat in July, put out the track “Repeater”, which both plays off of and mocks Lil Pump’s breakout single “Gucci Gang”. In the track PG One repeats the “Gucci Gang” chorus and disses Lil Pump’s flow by saying it’s “starting to make my head a little jumbled.”

PISSY (CD REV) – “Fuck Lil Pump”

Of course China’s “reddest” rap crew CD REV are up in here. PISSY, who has had a busy year when it comes to diss tracks courtesy of controversies such as the Swedish hotel debacle, released the subtly-named track “Fuck Lil Pump”. In the track PISSY raps in English and disses the American as a cocky mumble rapper and, err, having a head like a UFO.


China’s Most-Ridiculed Rappers Publish Diss Track Against the Country of Sweden After Hotel Debacle

MC Pharaoh and Viito – “飞行随笔3”

In this diss track MC Pharoah raps in Mandarin and Viito, who spent some of his teenage years studying in Canada and the U.S., in English. MC Pharoah disparages Lil Pump’s rhyming as mediocre and transitions with the line “I could rap all day in Chinese and he [Lil Pump] still won’t understand” — Viito then enters and disses Lil Pump’s head as looking “like tie dye cobwebs”.

KeyNG – “Grown Up Advice”

KeyNG, a contestant from the most recent season of Rap of China, put out the diss track “Grown Up Advice” together with a nice lyric video. In the track KeyNG also takes a stab at Lil Pump’s music as “mumble rap” and mocks Lil Pump’s (unverified) claim that he was accepted to and dropped out of Harvard at the age of 17.

Lil Andy – “No Ching Chong”

Another contestant from this year’s Rap of China Lil Andy also got in on the action with the track “No Ching Chong”. In the track’s forceful opening, Lil Andy raps, “No ching chong, call me King Kong”, and proceeds to dive into perhaps some of the speediest verses on this list.


ANSRJ of the Sichuan rap crew CDC’s track “CHINA NO. 1” is really aimed at both Lil Pump and D&G. ANSRJ opens the track by clarifying, “I really don’t want discuss questions of race with them,” but still explains his views on the issue and doesn’t fail to throw in a “fuck D&G” and “fuck Lil Pump”.

Lil Pump took down the Instagram post after leaving it up for most of the week. The rapper still hasn’t publicly apologized.

Update Clearly intimidated by PISSY et al, Lil Pump has now issued the following apology over Instagram:



Cover photo: Lil Pump by Kevin Wong, courtesy Warner Bros Records

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