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Chinese Museum Turns Ancient Relics Into Emojis, Becomes Internet Hit


A brighter story here than our last Drip about marrying ancient culture with internet fame: a museum in China has connected with new audiences and earned viral status online after releasing a set of emojis based on relics and artefacts from their collection.

Last week, the Gansu Provincial Museum, located in the city of Lanzhou in northwestern China and celebrating its 80th birthday this year, unveiled a batch of 16 GIFs for use as WeChat stickers or, it turns out, sharing with RADII readers.

gansu museum emoji

That right there is a 4,000-year-old stone face looking shocked.

Seems like they may have taken some cues from this TikTok (Douyin) national treasures initiative from last year, but wherever the inspiration came from, the results are winning the museum plenty of praise.

Let’s see what else we’ve got here. This statuette from the Tang dynasty is offering some words of encouragement:

gansu museum emoji relic jia you go for it

But this ancient wooden sculpture is feeling a little down:

gansu museum sad emoji

Of course, the brilliant Xueting Christine Ni is into these:

Here’s one for when you think you’re looking good:

gansu museum relic emoji beautiful self

And here’s one for when you’re outta here:

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