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Chinese Man Finds Big-Ass King Cobra Under Car Hood, Screams


According to People’s Daily, a 3-meter (10 feet), 4.6-kilogram (10 pounds) king cobra recently found its way into the engine compartment of a minivan in China, which of course meant it had to be pulled out. By four people using long-ass tongs.

It was very much alive.

The King Cobra, native to southeast Asia (including India and southern China), can grow more than 18 feet, making it the longest venomous snake in the world. It is a reputed long-distance striker.

A good part of the above video are people trying to stay as far away as possible from this snake as they try to put it into a plastic bag.

They almost get it!

And then the snake squirms out at the 3-minute mark:

Good try!

It’s said that ophiophobia is one of the more common phobias. With apologies, then, here’s a picture of a King Cobra:

Hey, that’s actually kind of cu–

Never mind, nature remains terrifying.

Anthony Tao
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