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Chinese Boy Band TFBoys Has Its Own Cryptocurrency


If you’re already over cryptodogs, get a load of the latest pop-cultural blockchain phenomenon to take the Chinese internet by storm: TFBoyCoin (TFBC).

TFBoys, if you don’t know, is a wildly popular trio of fresh-faced young lads who sing, dance, and pose questions to Stephen Hawking about human space colonization:

Stephen Hawking and Chinese Pop Superstar Karry Wang Discuss Alien Immigration on Weibo

Now they’re evidently in the cryptocurrency game. Sort of. Sixth Tone reports:

The online currency, TFBC, is billed as “the world’s first blockchain-based fandom token.” According to its official website, TFBC will be used to buy, sell, and trade concert tickets, merchandise, and meet-and-greet access from participating vendors in a way that’s secure and transparent — and that cuts out opportunistic scalpers. […]

But shortly after TFBC began attracting attention, Time Fengjun Entertainment, the pop group’s agency, issued a statement on Saturday saying that neither it nor TFBoys had given authorization for a product called “TFBC.” Furthermore, the agency wrote, those behind the TFBoys-themed cryptocurrency are likely engaging in unlawful profiteering.

Nevertheless — if you read Chinese, follow blockchain, and have that TFBoys thirst, you can dip a toe in to the world of TFBC here.

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