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Chinese Beer Goes Big at New York Fashion Week, After Lao Gan Ma and Li-Ning


This week in “things in my pantry appearing on my clothes,” Chinese beer brands Tsingtao and Harbin paired up with two clothing brands to debut a crossover clothing line at NYFW 2019.

As part of this year’s China Day, themed “YOUTH MADE CHINA,” Harbin Beer pranced in having teamed up with both US-Chinese sportswear brand Pony and designer Chen Peng (whose collaboration with sportswear brand Li-Ning we wrote about earlier this week).

pony harbin beer nyfw

Images: Weibo

Tsingtao, meanwhile, teamed up with Chinese streetwear outlet NPC to roll out their own line of trendy winter wear — complete with beer bottles as “accessories.”

qingdao beer nyfw 2019

Images: Weibo

Makes you want to just crack open a cold one, doesn’t it?

This appearance at New York Fashion Week comes hot on the heels of China’s favorite chili sauce, Laoganma (or “Old Godmother”). The logo was emblazoned on limited-edition sweatshirts at a pop-up for TMall’s China Day last year.

And, as we’ve referenced earlier, it’s even hotter on the heels of sportswear brand Li-Ning’s latest outing at the event:

At NYFW 2019, Li-Ning “Leans Into” High Fashion Image

So seems like this might be something of a trend: Chinese brands trying to earn street cred by appearing at one of the world’s biggest fashion events. Odds are in our favor we’ll see a Shaxian Snacks haute couture line next season.

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