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#ChinaGrams: 7 Stunning Shots of Urban China from Panda Liu

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#ChinaGrams is when we feature a photographer who’s taking incredible shots of China on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram or contact us here for the chance to have your work featured.

This weeks photos are from photographer Panda Liu, who writes:

I’m an IT engineer by day, and love photography. I started shooting photos with my iPhone two years ago, and only started shooting with a DSLR about four months ago. When I shoot, I always try to find a pattern in lines or curvatures in architecture. Using my iPhone as a beginner really helped me, as its convenience allowed me to capture the moment, and for the same reason allowed me to shoot and experiment more with incredible apps like Cortex Cam.

Below is the roundup of this week’s photos from Panda. Be sure to check his Instagram for more beautiful urban shots through his eyes.

Can you guess which ones were shot on his phone and which were from his DSLR? hint: only two were from his DSLR!







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