Beijing DJ and Producer Puzzy Stack Brings Bass Bangers for First china.wav Mix


china.wav Mix is a mix series by RADII under our china.wav brand which highlights an alternative wavelength of Chinese underground culture you never knew existed. china.wav spotlights the best of China’s rising music and artistic talent, amplifying their voices to the rest of the world.

Puzzy Stack is a Beijing-based producer, founder of party label S!LK and a self-professed fashion renegade who has studied Peking Opera since his youth. He’s been making noise at clubs across the country for years with his blend of UK bass, techno, grime, club trax and footwork.

In 2013, Puzzy and his good friend, emo rapper Bloodz Boi, founded Raw Meat, a bass music party aimed at giving young and talented DJs a platform. He went on to found S!LK, a party night that eventually morphed into a label in its own right, in 2017.


Beijing Label S!LK Wants to Bring “Drastic” Sounds to the Club (and the Internet)

S!LK’s first compilation, Breaking Fresh, was released back in late 2018, and featured tracks from the likes of London-based Chinese producer object blue, Beijing bass producer Negative808 and Shenzhen producer 3ASIC.

With a further three solo releases in the bag, S!LK are gearing up for another compilation release this year, with Puzzy telling us that it’s currently set for late February or early March.

We linked up with Puzzy, his S!LK co-member NoMercy and Tom Yeti from Yeti Out for a show at DADA Kunming late last year. We had so much fun that we asked Puzzy back to do a mix, which you can hear below:

You can find the mix now on YouTube or SoundCloud. Stay tuned for more in our china.wav mix series, which will drop every month.

Bryan Grogan
Bryan is RADII's former culture editor. He is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with an interest in culture stories with a social bent. He once correctly guessed all 151 original Pokemon in seven minutes for an online quiz. He also correctly guessed all 100 second generation Pokemon in eight minutes for an online quiz.
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