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Join Us for a Conversation with Leading New Media Artist Cao Fei, Live on Instagram


One of the most widely recognized voices of her generation, new media artist Cao Fei has presented works in the 50th, 52nd, and 56th Venice Biennales, and has held solo exhibitions at Centre Pompidou, MoMA PS1 and Serpentine Gallery.

She’ll be joining RADII for our latest CROSS x TALK event live on Instagram on Friday 20 November at 10:30 AM China time (Thursday 19, 10:30 PM EST) to discuss digital art and the future of our world. To join, follow @RADII.China and @cao_fei on Instagram.

Born in Guangzhou in 1978, Cao came of age during a period when globalization and modernization were drastically reshaping the physical, emotional and psychic landscapes of the Chinese people. Her work often critiques our increased reliance on technology, while simultaneously celebrating the new identities and subcultures it has produced.


Artist Cao Fei on Why We’re “Drifting in the Virtual World Without an Exit”

For this conversation, Cao Fei will join RADII’s Bryan Grogan to share her insights on the future of artistic collaboration in the post-Covid world. She’ll be discussing a career that has repeatedly explored the boundaries between disciplines of film, video games, sculpture and opera, while also recounting the surreal period of her solo exhibition at Serpentine Galleries in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and her personal means for coping with the outbreak as an artist and mother.

Join and share the conversation by following @RADII.China and @cao_fei on Instagram on Friday 20 November at 10:30 AM China time (Thursday 19, 10:30 PM EST).

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