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Feel Better About the World with These Awesome Boiler Room Sets From Chengdu and Beijing


Boiler Room System Restart has been making waves in vital electronic music communities in China this month. The series aims to highlight club culture during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has also appeared from Johannesburg in South Africa.

Earlier this month, Boiler Room System Restart went to Chengdu for sets from Kaishandao (aka Kristen Ng) a Sichuan-based musician, writer and organizer, resident DJs at the city’s .TAG club, Hao and QiuQiu, as well as the compellingly diverse and kinetic, Cora.

This past weekend, System Restart arrived in Beijing for a foursome of sets. Among those on the lineup were FunctionLab stalwart GG Lobster. If you don’t know the Beijing-based producer and singer-songwriter, he’s a cornerstone member of thriving young Hangzhou label FunctionLab, who has wowed listeners with his unique take on punk classics on his Punk Rock Karaoke EP release, as well as with high-octane, deconstructed club music.


Listen: Hangzhou Producer GG Lobster Fucks Up Punk Classics

Resident of Beijing club Zhao Dai and one of the minds behind the Home Fitness 1 & 2 releases, Slowcook, was also among proceedings, as was one of China’s best producers, Xiamen-based Knopha, along with member of club collective Equalizer, OOPS2.

For more on Chengdu’s nightlife and music scene, check out Kristen Ng’s report right here, and for more Boiler Room sets from China’s leading electronic music talents, grab some headphones and cue this one up:

Here’s How Shanghai Label SVBKVLT’s Boiler Room Take Over Went Down

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