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Watch: Bohan Phoenix Tries LA’s Spiciest Tacos


In case you missed it, last month RADII took Bohan Phoenix to Los Angeles for the debut edition of china.wav, a new event series highlighting an alternative wavelength of Chinese underground culture you never knew existed. Here’s how that went down:

We were mostly there for the music, but we also like to look after our guests so we figured we’d take Bohan out for tacos. The spiciest tacos in town, that is.

Bicultural rapper Bohan has Sichuan heritage, and given that province is known for its fiery cuisine, we thought he’d be able to handle it. But what went on when he was faced with “hella spicy” tacos from a tent in a Home Depot parking lot, aka Las Quesadillas — supposedly the hottest tacos in all of Los Angeles?

Find out right here:

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