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Hey Beijing, We’re Holding a Launch Party. You Should Come


Wondering who we are and what we’re doing? Swing by our official launch party this Saturday, June 10, to mingle with our team and hang out with contributors. We’re real people!

We’ll be hanging out at Great Leap No. 6 at Doujiao Hutong (豆角胡同6号) starting at 3 pm. Here’s a Baidu map, and here it is on Google.

And yes, follow us on Facebook before the event to get a free GLB beer that day.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue fumigating and ironing up through the weekend. Follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube page and Instagram. It’s all pretty bare for now, but we’ll be doing cool things. Stick around.

Questions/comments? You can reach us any time at [email protected].

UPDATE: Also… haiku for scotch:

RADII (rā'dē-ī') is an independent platform of artists, writers and creators dedicated to sharing vibrant stories from the rarely explored sides of new China.
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