Baidu Launches Cryptodogs

Baidu Launches Cryptodogs

Just as images of that Traveling Frog have finally started to recede from our WeChat feeds, China’s latest digital pet-rearing trend looks poised to strike: Cryptodogs.

TechNode’s Masha Borak has this story:

Search and AI giant Baidu just announced their response to CryptoKitties after quietly breeding a blockchain dog project called Laici Gou (莱茨狗).

For those of you not familiar with the CryptoKitties, it is a game similar to Pokemon and Tamagotchi in which players can collect, buy and sell virtual breedable cats instead of playing cards. It is the first and one of the biggest blockchain-based games. Benny Giang, one of the co-founders of CryptoKitties, told TechNode in an interview that the team plans to first roll out the mobile version of the game for iOS in the Greater China region, then the rest of Asia.

According to TechNode’s Chinese sister site, Baidu’s cryptodoggies project is still in the beta phase. Each of the cryptodoggies has a unique set of “genes” and their purchase is recorded on the blockchain. The cryptodoggies have eight special attributes, a combination of which will make each virtual doggy unique. These include ordinary, unusual, remarkable, epic, mythological, and legendary (our translation).

CryptoKitties vs. Baidu’s cryptodoggies, or Laici Gou (via TechNode)

Hey, just in time for Year of the Dog!

We’ll be curious to see how or if this trend catches on, especially in light of the news (also recently reported by Masha for TechNode) that China’s central bank seems to be making moves to completely ban cryptocurrency trading platforms in China.

Well, at least we have the pet-chain now.

Cover image: Baidu Laici Gou (莱茨狗)


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