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B-Side China Podcast Now on iTunes/Stitcher


Good news for fans of long chats with scene heads: after launching over a year ago, RADII’s B-Side China Podcast is finally up on actual podcast networks.

Find it on iTunes or Stitcher and throw the first nine episodes straight on the top of your queue, friend.

We have four more episodes lined up to conclude the 2018 season of the podcast. The next one features photojournalist Yan Cong, video producer Emma Sun, and music promoter/comic book artist Krish Raghav talking with host Josh Feola about stereotypes shaping the different “China narratives” that dominate Western news media vs corporate branded content.

That’ll be out next Saturday (November 17), with the final three episodes coming out biweekly after that through the end of the year. Catch you on your commute!

And if you’d rather hear all past B-Side China episodes on SoundCloud, we have a playlist for that too:

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