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Apply Now: Funded Beijing Residency Seeks Applicants at the Nexus of Art & Club Culture


“You see the untapped potential of nightclubs as spaces in need of deeper consideration; you agree that the relationship between nightlife and contemporary art has not yet been fruitfully explored. As a producer or DJ, you extend what you do into the visual realm; and/or the visual art that you make is tied up with electronic music and nightclubs.”

Sound like you? Then send in your application for round 2 of the Nightlife Residency,  a rather unique proposition launched last year by Beijing gallery/residency I: project space, booking platform The Neighbourhood, and China Residencies. Last year’s resident, Soraya Lutangu (aka BONAVENTURE) ended up plugging in with Beijing venues Dada and Zhao Dai and Shanghai’s ALL, and has just put out a new release for Planet Mu featuring some ideas that first started coalescing during the artist’s residency period in China.

Soraya Lutangu aka BONAVENTURE at I: project space in Beijing (via China Residencies)

The selected resident for Round II will receive a round-trip Beijing flight, two-months accommodation and studio from I: project space in Feb/March next year, a $1,000 USD stipend, intros to key members of the relevant scenes, and open studio/club events facilitated by the Nightlife Residency organizers. Here’s a bit of background on the kinds of preexisting art/club hybrids you might plug into:

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Bugged Out: The Humanoid Machine Music of Shanghai Artists Han Han and 33EMYBW

6 Young(ish) Producers and DJs in China Worth Checking

New for 2019, the Nightlife Residency is also bundling in support from Beijing underground house/techno club Zhao Dai and private museum M WOODS.

Interested parties should apply here by midnight (your time) on Wednesday, December 5. A bit before that, RADII will also have Antonie Angerer (I: project space) and Lhaga Koondhor + Tom Mouna (The Neighbourhood) on our B-Side China podcast to learn more about how these different subaltern cultural spheres intersect in Beijing, so stay tuned.

Cover photo: Fuzzy scene at Beijing’s Zhao Dai club (credit: Jeff Yiu)

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