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Hathaway, Lisa From BlackPink Wow Chinese Netizens With Matching Outfits


American actress Anne Hathaway and Thai singer Lisa from South Korean girl group Blackpink might have been in cahoots before attending Bulgari’s ‘Eden the Garden of Wonders’ event in Paris on June 6. The pair turned heads as soon as they strode into the launch of the Italian luxury brand’s latest high jewelry collection.

Sporting shockingly bright yellow outfits in precisely the same shade, Hathaway and Lisa immediately seized everyone’s attention, including those on the Chinese internet.

Whether or not their matching outfits were intentional remains a mystery so far. Nonetheless, their bright ensembles proved perfect for pairing with Bulgari’s new jewelry.

While Hathaway donned yellow shorts and an oversized, floor-length, button-up shirt, Lisa opted for a two-piece set, including a plain tube top and a maxi skirt. Despite being known for her iconic bangs, the latter switched it up at the party and wore her hair differently for a change.

In addition to happily posing together, Hathaway and Lisa also seized photo ops with fellow Bulgari ambassadors such as Indian actress Priyanka Chopra.

The photos of the dazzling duo wearing ‘twinning’ outfits have gone viral on Weibo, with a related hashtag accumulating more than 180 million views.

“They [Hathaway and Lisa] look incredible! I used to think Lisa is more suited to bangs, but this time, her overall look is gorgeous,” gushed a netizen.

Another opined, “Both are beautiful. Hathaway looks more mature, and Lisa is cuter.”

Some have said that despite the age gap between 39-year-old Hathaway and 25-year-old Lisa, both represent beauty in different stages of life.

“There is beauty in all ages. Hathaway shows us the beauty of a grown woman. And the way Lisa looks sparks joy because her smile makes people happy,” wrote one commenter.

Cover image: screengrab via YouTube

Kayla He
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