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You Really Need to See What Andrew Thomas Huang is Doing with Futuristic Dragon Kings


So Cyberpunk 2077 turned out to be a bit of a mess, but luckily here’s the brilliant Andrew Thomas Huang with a blast of cyberpunk-ish imagery from our not-too-distant future. Huang, who has previously produced sumptuous visuals for Björk and FKA Twigs, has created a series of images examining immortal dragon deities and talismans from the year 2096. And they’re stunning.

Huang’s depictions of the dragon gods from 2096 are accompanied by corresponding sets of Taoist talismans, plus some digital 3D models — and in the case of the Yellow Dragon, by a couple of surprising inspiration images (swipe through the Instagram post above to see what we mean).

The images began dropping around the time of the winter solstice on Monday, with Huang writing on Twitter that he was, “Spending this solstice + conjunction to consult the Yellow Book Talisman (one of the most powerful Taoist magic boards for spirit summoning) to make contact with the five immortal Dragon Kings from Chinese mythology reporting from the year 2096.”

These aren’t Huang’s first forays into ancient / futuristic mythology of course. His beautiful short film Kiss of the Rabbit God focuses on “a Chinese restaurant worker who falls in love with an 18th century Qing dynasty god.”


Watch: Andrew Thomas Huang’s Sun-Drenched ’60s Short “Lily Chan and the Doom Girls”


Earlier this year, we got a teaser for a new film project from Huang, his debut feature production, Tiger Girl. That work will take the form of “a surreal coming-of-age fantasy set in 1960s Los Angeles that unfolds as Lily Chan discovers a tiger living in the attic of the home she shares with her socially anxious and domineering mother,” according to FACTmagazine.

Find more of Andrew Thomas Huang’s work on his official website.

Jake Newby
Jake Newby is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with more than a decade's experience living and working in China. Previously managing editor of RADII and Time Out Shanghai, he's also written for the Associated Press, The Wire, the Financial Times and more.
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