“There remains a significant lack of mutual understanding between China and the West. There needs to be stronger voices to represent a more informed and updated view of what New China is today.”

–  Brian Wong, Radii founder

Radii is a window into the cultural landscape of a contemporary China that actively seeks to engage the world. This media platform was created with the awareness that, in an age of information saturation, perceptions of China remains tethered to outdated concepts and simplified narratives. Misconceptions obscure much of the central story developing in the heart of the world’s fastest-growing economy.

Radii engages a progressive, globally connected audience with content that is (1) honest and insightful; (2) immediately relevant and shareable; (3) spans all media forms, including text, video and audio; and (4) promotes mutual understanding between China and the English-speaking world, which Radii’s founding team believes is critical and urgent.

Radii is current, hip and honest. Our content is character-driven and produced from the ground, spanning culture, health, lifestyle, entertainment, music, media, art, news, technology, and much more. Each and every day we ask, “What is China?” in ways no one has before.

Radii, the plural for “radius,” is a mathematical term describing a straight line from the circumference to the center of a circle. Likewise, as the two spheres of East and West converge, our mission is to dive from the surface of China into its core, revealing stories and experiences that present a round, fully expressed, nuanced picture of one of the most dynamic places on Earth.

Radii was founded by Brian Wong, Vice President of Alibaba. We operate with editorial independence.

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We explore the intersections of culture, technology and life/health through a wide, diverse set of perspectives and mediums.

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Josh Feola

Josh Feola is a Beijing-based writer and musician, and an editor at Radii. His coverage of Chinese music and art has appeared in The Wire, LEAP, Tiny Mix Tapes, Sixth Tone, and more. He’s been active in the Beijing music scene since 2010 via his booking platform pangbianr.com, and currently plays drums in Beijing bands SUBS and Vagus Nerve.

Adan Kohnhorst

Adan is a writer, creator, and multimedia producer based out of Shanghai. He loves hip hop, classic kung fu movies, and sheng jian bao. 不喜欢臭豆腐. Eye-level insight into a new China. On Twitter: @GeneralTsoWut and WeChat: @bboyudon