Photo of the Day: Wang Wang Year (旺旺年)

“Wang wang” (汪汪) is an onomatopoeia representing a dog’s bark; “wang wang” (旺旺) means flourishing/prosperity, and was a catchphrase repeated throughout the Spring Festival Gala, forever memorialized with this song

Photo of the day: Dog and Baby

Our photo theme during the Spring Festival holiday is Enter the Dog: the funniest, cutest, weirdest, or otherwise most noteworthy images of our canine companions circulating around Chinese popular culture as we christen the Lunar New Year


Episode 16

The Chinese New Year Traditions You Need to Know

Wǒ Men Podcast: The Chinese New Year Traditions You Need to Know

China has transformed greatly over the last few decades, and Chinese New Year has also come to mean very different things from generation to generation — Yajun and Jingjing explore the customs and superstitions that have changed with the times

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